Sunday, November 25, 2007

So much to share...

& so much to be thankful for!!

I can't believe it has been so long since I posted. It has been a whirlwind of activity here since last week. Today I finally have a minute for myself & I am going to take some time out to go over all that has gone on & really savor the good stuff & celebrate.

So be warned this may be a lengthy post, but it is filled with really sweet juicy moments for me so I hope you take the time to read through to the end.

So first as some of you may already know I had thrown my hat in the ring over at Crop Addict & tried out for a spot on their amazing Design Team.

Well, It's official... the announcement has been made and I can now shout it from the roof tops...


I feel so honored to be a part of the team & I can't wait to get started. So stay tuned to see all the cool stuff I will get to create for them. They are a fabulous scrapbook store & kit club, with an amazing gallery & great message board. If you are a paper crafter make sure you go check them out. It is the kind of site where you will feel welcome right away & will be totally inspired.

I still can't believe I made it!!

Caleb & Rachel were off from school all this past week. They were so excited to help prepare for Thanksgiving & they were fabulous help to me as I got everything ready for our guests.

Wednesday family started arriving. In the morning my father & step-mother came by for a visit. They spent time with me & the kids & then brought us out for a nice lunch. They had t head back to Cape May so around 2PM they headed back to south Jersey.

Then around 3PM my Aunt Tiz & Uncle Nick arrived. I couldn't believe how wonderful Uncle Nick looked. Just last year at Christmas time he had a near fatal car crash & was in a coma. In the past year since the accident he has had to learn to walk again, among other things. This Thanksgiving he walked into our house with just a cane... God is good.

Then later that evening my mom & step dad arrived. I always enjoy visits with my mom. She lives in Maryland & I wish we could see her more.

I have to say I was so busy hanging with my family that I hardly ever took out my camera. {GASP}... Can you believe it?!?! I am sad I have almost no pictures, but I am glad I just took the time to enjoy my family.

Thursday was Thanksgiving and my mother-in-law & sister-in-law arrived. So with a full house we all hung out & ate all kinds of yummy goodness. It is always nice to have family around. David's grandmother, Muriel, had just gotten out of the hospital & was unable to join us this year. I was sad about that, but grateful that she was home & not in the hospital. My sweet dear husband gave my mother-in-law a ride back to Muriel's & brought "goodie bags" of Thanksgiving treats for her & her friend Wally.

Friday my Uncle Larry, Aunt Denise, Cousins Louie & Marc, & Louie's girlfriend Natasha came by. Again all the food came out & we had a chance to laugh & visit. My Aunt Tiz who thinks silly string is the best fun ever gave us all our own can & a huge silly string fight started in the back yard. It was just too fun. Now my back yard & porch are littered with strands of the silly stuff. I just love that Tiz & my family are still so fun.

Connor & Kailey left for the weekend to be with their mom at their Aunt Laura's house. Later in the day Larry picked up Caleb & Rachel for the weekend. It is always a bit sad to see them all go, but I am grateful they have a good relationship with their other parents.

Saturday morning all the house guests started back on their way home. David & I were left alone for the first time in days. So we headed out to the golf course & played a round of golf. It was cold, I played poorly, & I had a fabulous time! It was great to have some quiet time with my honey.

That afternoon are dear friends Chris & Lori came over for a quiet dinner & some wine. Again it was nice to enjoy some quiet times with friends.

So now here I am finally caught up to today. I am doing laundry, catching up on email, updating my blog, & I plan to get some scrap time this afternoon as well.

If you made it this far...thanks!! Hope you had a fabulous & blessed week as well!


Morgan said...

So glad Muriel is out of the hospital, doing very well I hope. Your week sounds fabulous!

Going For Greatness said...

What a fun-filled Thanksgiving weekend you had! Isn't it just wonderful to be caught up in the moment and enjoy every second?!
I'm SO glad to hear that Muriel is out of the hospital! I know she's been having some difficult times and it's just so nice to know she was HOME for Thanksgiving!
Doesn't it just amaze you how fast the time goes by when you're completely enjoying it? Just last week you and I were hanging out while you were preparing for Thanksgiving weekend and here it is, Monday already!
I'm glad you had such an awesome weekend! I missed ya mucho!!
See you tomorrow! LOL

Jana Eubank said...

Your centerpiece was beautiful! Glad you got to spend some time with so many family members! Isn't it fun to just catch up with everyone! I didn't get very many pictures either. *blush, blush* A round of golf, too! Whoa! You know how to pack in a weekend! :)

Michelle Lanning said...

Sounds like you all had a blast - and I love that pumpkin center piece!

bruinbr said...

so glad you had such an awesome Thanksgiving! :) Love that centerpiece! Congrats as well on the Crop Addict DT! I can't wait to work with you!

Nancyroo said...

Congrats on making the DT and your table looks beautiful!

Tina said...

much congrats on the dt!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Wow...Lots of great stuff going on!!!!