Friday, May 30, 2008

Lewis School Awards

Today we had the award ceremony for Caleb & Rachel. The Lewis School has an award ceremony at the end of the school year where they acknowledge each student for all of their accomplishments during the school year.

The students really feel special & it is such a lovely way to let the kids see how well they have done.

Caleb & Rachel have Dyslexia and The Lewis School specializes in educating children with learning differences. It is a miracle what they have accomplished since they started there. I am so grateful.

Rachel & her good friend Jocelyn

Caleb receiving his award from his teacher Mrs. McCullough

Caleb checking out his certificate

Rachel getting her award from her teacher Mrs. Werther

Rachel & her good friend Will. It is so cute seeing them all dressed up.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

End of the school year silliness!!

I love the end of the school year, there is always so much fun stuff going on for the kids. I guess it brings me back to my childhood a bit. I remember the days at the end of the year. The pressure of school work is less and there is more time for friends and fun.

Caleb & Rachel had field day last Friday. They divide the school into two teams & they compete in various track type events ending the whole day with a giant tug of war. Rachel really got into it.

Here she is with her "game face"...

She had me put the black lines under her eyes to complete the look.

Today they had crazy hat day...

Caleb & Rachel dug out the fish And frog hats from our stash of goodies int he basement.

It was funny because it was also silly hat day at Kailey's school.

So Kailey found this lovely purple number.

Of course I had to take pictures!!

Even though things are a bit hectic here as things are winding down for the school year, I am enjoying it.

Hope everyone else is having some silly fun too!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We're off to see the Wizard...

and a number of other things too.

I have barely had a chance to get to update my blog. I just have been so busy the last few weeks.

The Lewis School's production of "The Wizard of Oz" took place last week on Thursday May 8th. I did make-up for around 50 kids it was so much fun and a bit tiring. The play was super cute & the kids did a fabulous job.

Rachel was so excited to be Dorothy.

Caleb was not as thrilled to be playing a flying monkey. He thought the ears made him look a bit like a mouse & I must say I think I agree, but he did a fabulous ob none the less. Plus, I reminded him that he got to play Captain Hook last year & you can't have a lead role every year.

Overall I think the play was a huge success. Of course my kids were the stars of the show in my opinion.

After the play my step-mother (Caleb & Rachel's Mema) was staying overnight in a hotel so she could attend grandparents' day the next day at the school. She had a great idea & offered to have Caleb, Rachel, and me stay in a hotel with her in Princeton. That would save us the long drive home. For those of you who don't know Caleb & Rachel's school is about 45 minutes from our house and I spend a whole lot of time in the car driving back and forth. Well, staying in a hotel seemed like a fabulous idea. A mini adventure for me & the kids. So I had our bags packed & ready to go. Although apparently I was a little preoccupied while I was packing. I forgot their toothbrushes & my clothes...oops!! I was able to make do & work things out.

At Grandparents' Day, Pop-pop & Grandma Shafer were there as was Mema. Caleb & Rachel were thrilled to show off all they were doing with their grandparents.

Caleb & Rachel went home with Grandma & Pop-pop. I headed home to meet my husband David. It was our wedding anniversary and David had planned a nice weekend away at the David Glenz Golf Academy in Vernon, NJ. We had a very nice romantic weekend. Although I am still a bit sore form all that golf. I really believe it will improve my game quite a bit. They really gave me quite a few pointers. Plus I got to play one of the hardest golf courses in the country Crystal Springs. I feel after that I should have a t-shirt or at least a bumper sticker that says something like, "I played Crystal Springs & I survived!" It was really hard, but I thought it was fun.

Now hopefully things will settle down a bit & I will keep up with this blog a little better.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Prayer Request

My friend Niki who has been on the Creative Team at Scrapdragons with us since the very beginning was just given some very scary & distressing news.

On Tuesday April 30th her daughter Ellie was diagnosed with a diffusely infiltrative brain stem glioma. Ellie spent three days in the hospital with mom and dad while meeting with several specialist in preparation for the radiation that is to start on Monday May 5th. A website has been created by Pat and Niki so that you may follow them as they embark on this horrendous and difficult journey.

Please keep them in your thoughts & prayers and pray for Ellie that God heals her.

Niki is an amazing & talented woman & I hope that all of you that visit my blog will join me in supporting her & her family through this difficult time.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Take a Look at this...

I got published in the May issue of the e-zine I am on page 12!!! It is a really cool magazine with lots of great inspiration. I was really excited when I got the email saying they wanted my true family layout!

Also I made it on to round nine of American Idol on This has been such a fun contest. I am really loving the challenges. Here was the layout that I made that got me through to the next round...

I already finished my layout for the next challenge...I think it is my favorite so far. It was using a Prima Sketch. So I used mostly Prima products & also entered it for the Prima Contest.

Finally, we have chosen our newest six members for the Scrapdragon Team. We will be posting them soon. It was unbelievably hard to choose. We had over 40 entries and there were so many we loved. We actually were saying no to people that we would love to have on our team. What a difficult decision!! I am so looking forward to seeing what this amazing group of women will bring to the table. So be sure to pop over soon & check out Scrapdragons!