Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Comforts of Home

All I want to say is how grateful I am to have my husband home again.
My husband David travels quite a bit for work & this month is particularly awful. He is gone more than he is home. This is really the first time I have seen him in about 10 days.

It is funny, I love it sometimes when he is gone & it is just me & the kids, but it gets old real fast. David is part of what makes our house a home.
He is a supportive and loving man. Just pure sweetness & as I like to tell him... he is just delicious. I don't think he always believes me, but I mean it with all my heart.

So having said all that I just want to say again...I am glad he is home!!


Where do you find your inspiration?

Today I am taking a moment to reconnect with my creative side. For some reason I have been struggling. I have not been happy witht he art I have been creating...scrapbook pages, altered pieces, ATC's, whatever it is it seems to be a struggle.

So I am going to take it easy on myself & visit some websites, read my art magazines, & have some fun!!!!

I know that creative piece in me will be back soon.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Gift of Grace

The Gift of Grace

Today has been a trying day for me. Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like your children are trying to test your limits? That is what it felt like today. It is just one of those days. UGHHH!!!

I think maybe it is because I was away this weekend. I went to a Design Team weekend at a friend's house in Long Beach Island. I guess the kids missed me.

The weekend was so much fun for me. I was together with 10 other women from the Time To Scrap Design Team. We talked, laughed, scrapped, & ate lots of junk food. It was really neat. I knew some of the women before the weekend & some I only knew from online. After the weekend it felt as if i had known them for much longer than a few days.

One of the highlights of the weekend was having a chance to spend time with my dear friend Gabi. We so rarely have time to hang out without kids. Usually all of our conversations are interupted by at least a few "mama can you...." type of things.

Even though it was a great weekend I am glad to be home. Unfortunately I was only able to see David for about an hour Sunday before he headed off to the airport for yet another conference. This time he is in Georgia. He won't be back until Wednesday hoo.

It will be so nice to have him home again.

I have been wanting to scrap or paint or something. The thing is I tried doing some today & my heart is not in it. I was also struggling this weekend at the TTS Design Team crop. I am not quite sure what is going on with me. So I think I may need to take a step back & let things go a bit. I want the creativity flowing again.

Monday, October 02, 2006

A Lazy Day

Today was a day of doing nothing, something I rarely let myself do & especially not guilt free.

The kids were home from school today, so we stayed in comfy clothes & watched LOST all day on DVD. We only stopped for breaks to play with dog, talk to a landscaper, & eat meals. It was totally decadent & I loved it.

Normally when I do something like that, I feel guilty, thinking about all the things I "should" have done. Today I just really enjoyed not doing anything.

So much of my life is spent rushing form one thing to another. One of the hazards of having a household with four kids. Today really served to recharge my batteries.

I am now ready for the busy week ahead!!

Why I am starting a blog...

I must admit this whole idea of having my own blog is sort of intimidating for me. I am also excited about the idea.

I love to write & I love the idea of having a place to put down in writing some of the everyday things as well as the extrodinary things that happen in my life.

These days my life has been full of changes. It feels a bit like everything is off balance. I am normally one of those people who like order...I want to know how & why everything is happening. These days it isn't really like that for me. I am having to feel my way...go with the flow...see where life takes me. A little scary, a little unsettling, & yet very liberating & very exciting.

The changes in my life are all good, but like many people I resist change, the urge is to dig my feet in & stay right where I am. I know though that in order to have the juicy life of my dreams it is important to let go of my cotrolling ways & let the universe guide me.

I am so blessed in my life. I have everything I truly need. I am healthy, I have an awesome delicious husband who adores me & supports me. I have four absolutely fabulous kids. Our life is full & rich!!

As long as those core things are there for me the rest is really just gravy.

I hope this blog becomes a place to express my true self, my art, & share the grace that surrounds me.

Grace is defined as unmerrited favor & that is exactly waht describes who I am. I have been granted the gift of grace. It seems to define the space I live in & I seem to have the gift to grant grace to those around me. What a wonderful gift to have.

One of my goals recently has been to be honest with myself & with others. So I am sure many of my entries will be the kind of things most people try to keep to themselves. You know the stuff I am taking about...the ugly truth about our lives. The things you can't believe anyone is thinking but you. The truth I have found out about the human condition is that w all have these thoughts & when we share our experience, strength & hope it takes some of the shame away. When these thoughts see the light of day, they really don't have much power over us.

"It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness" ~Chinese proverb