Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's time to catch up!!

Wow...I have fallen way behind in my posting...but so much has been going on

So maybe take a bathroom break...get yourself a drink...maybe even a snack as this may be a long post in order to catch up on everything.

As you all know My friend Gabi & I have been so busy launching our new challenge blog site Scrapdragon. What a fun adventure that has been. So I find I spend more time there than here. I am hoping now that we have the system down & some sponsors, things will settle in a bit more. If you haven't had a chance yet...go check it out...I am really proud of what we are doing over there!!

Last week I was in a course called Mastering Life's Energies offered by the Academy for Coaching Excellence. It was absolutely fabulous!! I was just amazed by the content that was offered & the courage & grace of my course mates. Life changing stuff going on there. I am pleased & excited to be starting a new phase in my life training to be a life coach with the Academy. So stay tuned to hear more about that!!

While I was busy at my course, David brought Connor & Kailey with him to Florida to visit his Dad & Willean. They had a fabulous time. I was sad to miss out on the fun.

My Dad & Marguerite helped to support me in being able to take my course by taking Caleb & Rachel for a holiday at their home in Cape May Point, New Jersey. They had a great time. The kids apparently were quite busy gardening, going to the farmers' market, & playing in the waves.

After I completed my course I headed down to my parents to spend a few days with Marguerite, Caleb & Rachel before bringing the kids back up to Somerville. The weather in Cape May was just glorious & we had some great fun on the beach. We also enjoyed a fabulous summer meal of lobster, shrimp, steamers, fresh jersey corn & tomatoes...yummy!!

Here are some great shots I got of Caleb & Rachel while at my parents' home. I especially love these photos of Rachel.

This photo of Caleb is in this little hide-away that he created in a spot in my parents garden. It was really pretty cool. I could totally see all the games & adventures this spot would help create in combination with his great imagination. Don't you just remember that kind of thing form your own childhood?

Also, while in Cape May, my Dad helped Rachel purchase her very own digital camera with money she had saved. She got a great little camera & she is very pleased with her purchase.

Here is a photo of Kailey she took with it. I can't wait to see all her photos as she learns to use all the features of her great little camera. I think this will be great for her as the camera will grow with her abilities. This is no kids camera, most adults would be happy to have one like it.
I did get a bit of scrapping done yesterday. I did a page to celebrate the completion of Rachel's first knitting project.

Rachel was very proud to have completed it!

Well...whew...I think I may actually be caught up for the moment!!

Thanks for taking the time to read it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A New Challenge at Scrapdragon!!

Do you need something to get your mojo flowing this week?

Well then I have some good news for you...the second challenge is up at Scrapdragon today!!

It is a sketch challenge featuring one of my sketches!

Here is the layout I did for it...

So come on over & join the fun!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

So Who is Your Inner Rock Chick?!?!

Ok saw this somewhere online & just had to do it.
I was really hoping to be Gwen Stefani...I just so love that girl.
I have to say although I don't particularly relate to Ashlee Simpson...what it says about me is pretty right on!

You Are Ashlee Simpson!
Stylish, unique, talentedYou're your own woman! "It seems like I can finally rest my head on something real. I like the way that feels"

So come on...let's see who you have inside just waiting to rock out?

Friday, August 10, 2007

Sun, Sand, & Surf!

Yesterday Caleb, Rachel, & I headed out for a beach adventure with Gabi & her girls.

We headed down the Garden State Parkway to exit 98 & hit the beach in Point Pleasant right next to the pier at Jenkinson's.

The day was perfect for the beach not too hot & a nice breeze blowing. The surf was a bit rough, but the kids really had a blast anyway. It was so fun watching them run up to the waves & get completely bowled over. There was lots of sand in places that sand really should not be. Rachel had to wash her hair twice to get it all out after we got home.

Gabi's daughter Ellie was a real treat for me to spend time with. She was just a love bug & wanted to have lots of time with "Aunt Wawra" So I got my complete toddler fix without all the headaches. Super fun stuff.

Rachel & Caleb made quick friends with a girl named Hailey & her family from Pennsylvania. Hailey & her sisters were experiencing the ocean for the very first time. What fun they had together.

Gabi bought Mackie & Ellie hermit crabs with all of the trappings at one of the boardwalk vendors. The girls were so cute picking out the very special one with the perfect extra shell. I am sure those little crabs will be well loved.

The best part of the whole adventure for me was the relaxed feeling of the whole day. One of my favorite things about my freindship with Gabi is how we compliment each other. We both tend to not sweat the small stuff & we support each other through the rough times without judgement.

I hope we have many more days like yesterday spent together.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Our New Challenge Blog...

I am so incredibly excited!!

Do you ever have a day when you just can't get the mojo flowing?
Have you ever had a major case of scrappers block?
Do you ever just want to have an adventure & stretch your creativity to a new level?

If any of this sounds like you then check out my new challenge blog...

My good friend Gabi & I have been tossing around the idea of having a challenge blog for about a year now. So we finally took the leap of faith & created it this month. We are just having so much fun with it!!

We have been so pleased with the response we have been getting. We are personally financing the prizes for now, but hope to have some cool sponsors in the upcoming months. So be sure to add this new blog to your favorites.

I hope to see some of you enter our challenge contests & I hope you at least stop by & pay us a visit!!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

I'm a Rockin' Girl Blogger

Gabi just nominated me for "Rockin' Girl Blogger" status! How cool is that?!?
Thanks for thinking I am Rockin' Gabz!!

Ok so here's how it goes. I tag FIVE bloggers I feel are 'ROCKIN' GIRL BLOGGER' material and then they go on to tag 5 and the group keeps growing!

Here is who I think are Rockin' Girl Bloggers:

Lauren - What a fun blog. Just her title always makes me smile. She writes so well & has a great sense of humor. Plus, she is a Jersey Girl, and we Jersey Girls have to stick together.

Nancy - One of my scrap friends. She has a great style & takes fabulous photos!!

Angela- Her art inspires me & makes me want to create things. Her blog is always so fun to read. Plus you have to check out the scrap secrets...just too much fun!

Niki - Man does this girl have talent. Check out her blog & see all her beautiful creations. I love visiting her blog just to see what cool new stuff is on there!

Sisterhood of Scrap - A great site to celebrate art. I love being a member of this great inspirational community!