Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Our New Outdoor Fire Pit!

David & I decided it would be a nice addition to our backyard to have a fire bowl. So we shopped around this weekend & purchased one.
We also picked up the makings for s'mores as we thought it would be a fun thing to do with the kids.
Well, it is a beautiful addition, but we already had our first mishap. While the kids were roasting the marshmallows for s'mores Kailey dropped a burning hot one on her bare leg. OUCH!!
She ended up with a real nasty burn. We got it checked by the doctor & got her some good burn ointment.
It wasn't the best way to end the night, but they still seemed to enjoy the s'mores...even Kailey poor thing.

The Rotary Roses

I just had to post these photos of my roses in the front yard. They look just glorious!

These roses were purchased as a fundraiser from my Rotary club many years ago by my stepmother Marguerite when this house still belonged to her.

I am just amazed with my limited knowledge of roses how well they are doing in my care.
I guess they must be a hardy breed. Thank goodness...because I really enjoy them!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ginger's Big Shot at Fame

We just got an email notice from Rogers' Rescues, the organization we adopted Ginger from in December of 2005.
They are running a calender Dog contest as a fundraiser. Since Ginger is such a beauty & we would love to support their rescue efforts we entered these four photos. Of course we think she is a calender girl even if they do not choose her.
I think this is such a great fundraising idea & so fun for the families that have adopted a dog. You make a $5 donation for each photo you submit to the contest & I am sure they will sell the finished calenders as well when they are all done.
This organization does such a fabulous job with placing these animals. If you are interested in getting a dog please be sure to check them out.
So please keep your fingers crossed for Ginger. If she wins she will get a $25 Petco gift card to spend anyway she wants!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

New Goalie Gloves...My Online Nightmare!

Rachel & Kailey are playing soccer again this season. They started practice a few weeks ago. Rachel wants to play goalie again. So we wanted to get her some new goalie gloves. We went to about three different stores & tried on numerous pairs. None of them had any in her size. The process though made us confident enough to be able to know which size & what brand we wanted so I decided hey why not order them online. We had two weeks, plenty of time to order them & have them shipped.

Well, we found the perfect pair online at Dick's Sporting Goods. They were in stock & we ordered them. Last Thursday the box arrives & we open them. The packing slip had all the right information, but the box held not goalie gloves...walkie talkies. Yes...you read that right walkie talkies. So immediately I call them to let them know the mistake & they apologized for the error & swore they would mail her out the correct item right away. They also assured me that they would be here in time, they would send me a label via email to mail the walkie talkies back, & they would send me a 10% off coupon for my trouble.

I did get the coupon via email immediately. Well, I called them on Monday to tell them I did not have the label yet. They said they would resend it...still waiting. Also, as of yet there are no goalie gloves here.

Hmmmm....do you think they will arrive before Saturday's game?

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Peter Pan~Starring Caleb & Rachel

Rachel as Tiger Lily with her teacher Ms. Herman

Caleb as Captain Hook

Caleb & Rachel just had their school play last Thursday night. The Lewis School put on a production of Peter Pan. Rachel played Tiger Lily & Caleb was Captain Hook.

My mother-in-law made Rachel's costume & provided the hat, wig, & hook for Caleb. She also porvided the luscious fabric that we used to make the fabulous jacket. I volunteered to be a costume mom. I surpirsed myself by sewing together the ruffled shirt for the Hook costume.

The play went as most school plays go. It had lots of little funny mistakes, the kids forgot lines, sets fell over, & everyone laughed. All that being said, it was absoultely one of the best plays I have ever seen!!!

Rachel was fabulous as Tiger Lily & knew all of her lines & made not one mistake. I always knew she was cut out for the stage. She has always been a ham.

Caleb really surprised me though. He was reluctant to play Captain Hook. He even said he thought he might throw up form nerves the night of the play. So I was unsure as to what to expect from him. What happened just blew me away. He was fabulous!! He knew all his lines & delivered them with personality. You would never know he was nerous at all.

I asked them both if they wuld want to be in the play next year...the both said yes right away. I am so excited to see waht they will be next year!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Help!!! I need to get organized!

No matter what I do I can't seem to keep my studio organized.
It is in desperate need of spring cleaning. There are piles everywhere!
It is funny the pictures are form a month ago. I cleaned this all up, but already it looks like this again. I just can't seem to put things away. If I am in the middle of working on a project everything is everywhere.
I always think I want to be neat & organized...yet I never can seem to get there.
Is there anyone else that was once like me that has now become organized? If so, share your secrets...please! I am starting to think I am hopeless. Maybe I am destined to be the messy creative genius, lol.