Monday, July 30, 2007

I am a Sister!!!!

I am so excited The Sisterhood of Scrap is featuring me this week. Please go by & check it out.

It is a great place to get some inspiration & they have awesome challenges.

Here is the link:

Sisterhood of Scrap

Hope to see you over there!!

Swim Championships

Yesterday we had the swim championships for our summer swim league. Connor, Kailey, & Rachel were all on the team this summer.
I could not have been more proud of our kids. They all did so well.

Rachel who could not make practice all summer due to the summer program she attends at The Lewis School still mananged to finish n the top half of all the girls in her age group in her three events. She swam her fastest Backstroke time ever!! She even finished 9th in Breaststroke which is her least favorite stroke. GO Ray Ray!!

Connor who only a few years ago could barely stand to have his face in the water swam both Freestyle & Breaststroke. The most thrilling thing is he has been nervous about diving off the block, but yesterday he conquered his fears & dove off the block for the first time. Woo Hoo...Go Connor!!!

Kailey had a fabulous day as well. She actually made it to finals in both Breaststroke & Butterfly. She now has a chance to swim in the finals tonight and has a chance at a medal. Go Kailey GO!!!

It was a great day to be their mom. They all swam their personal best...who could ask for more!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Hillsborough Fireman's Fair

Just this past Wednesday I had the rare opportunity to have a night just with Rachel. Caleb was sleeping over his buddy William's house & Connor & Kailey were having dinner with Lynn.

Gabi, Harel, & the girls were going to the local fireman's fair in Hillsborough so I thought what a fun special thing to do with Ray. So Rachel & I headed off for our adventure.

It was really a great time. Rachel got to be the center of attention & she was loving it. She was absolutely fabulous to be around. We laughed so much!

It is funny how different the kids are when they are on their own & don't need to battle for my attention.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sisterhood Challenge #7

Challenge # 7 The Journey called LIFE
The "walk of life" is a journey. Some journeys are exciting and full of fun and laughter...Others are heart-breaking, but yet a great learning experience. Sometimes we will say that at least we got to where we wanted to go, we reached our destination. But, you know, the journey is what gives us all the memories that we scrap from day to day.

Angie's challenge was to scrap a journey.

If you want to try some of these challenges go check them out on Sisterhood of Scrap

I made this layout yesterday for on online newsletter for The Untamed Scrapper & realized that it really is about a journey for me that led me to the life I wished for.

Here is the journaling in case it is too small to read:

When I was a little girl I always dreamed of having a
big family and being the mother of four children. When
people heard me express this wish they would often
say, “be careful what you wish for, you just might get
it.” So here I am many years later and I did get my
wish. Fortunately I am grateful and feel blessed
by it most days. I must admit there are a few
moments when I think to this what I really
wanted? After those moments pass
I realize it is what I really wanted. I
love my blended family. I love being a
mother of four. I love that my house
is filled with love and energy. I am
glad for my youthful wish and I am blessed that it
came true.

Sisterhood of Scrap Challenge #9

I love this challenge...I had so much fun with it. Loved using the chipboard & stickles. Thanks Gabi!!!

I decided to do a layout for my book of me about "my job" as a SAHM.
Here is the journaling:

Since December of 2005
I have taken on a new job. It is the
most demanding job I have ever had.
I need to be a jack of all trades & the
job requires many skills. Sometimes I
think there are jobs I would enjoy more,
but I am sure there aren’t any more

If you are looking to give your mojo a boost, go check out this site & join the fun!

Sisterhood of Scrap

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Summer Stroll With Sisters" Challenges

Well I have been having fun working on challenges for Sisterhood of Scrap today. I completed Challenge #2 - These Feet were made for Walking!!!

I also completed Challenge # 4-Follow the Leader!!!

I had fun with these today...I hope to get to some more.

If you would like to play...go check it out!!

Sisterhood of Scrap

Gardening Help

I have been working on getting the front gardens in shape. I have a master gardener who comes about once a week to do some weeding & help me to learn what things are & teach me how to keep it looking good. Well after we got the one front bed cleared out I needed to purchase a few more plants. Caleb & Rachel came along to the garden center & we got a few items. We had a great time looking through all they had to offer & choosing what plants we thought would work well.

When we got back I pulled out the shovel & my gloves & got ready to get to work. Just as a started to dig Rachel came up & said, "Can I help?" I was thrilled that she was interested & was really happy to have some company if nothing else. It was about 90 degrees out & humid so not exactly the best weather to be doing that kind of work.

She was so into it that I actually didn't have to do much of anything except supervise. You have to love that. She was so thrilled with being able to do it. Since they were planted she has been going out to check on them & water them as needed. I love that she has some pride & ownership of her work in the yard. It is really starting to look great!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

10-Day 10K ~ Caardvark Challenge

For the past ten days I have been making cards for a ten day challenge sponsored by:


I am seriously card challenged. I have a card phobia as a matter of fact. I love to scrap & make all kinds of things with paper but when asked to make a card I panic. It may seem silly to all you seasoned card makers, but for me it is a real fear.

So when a friend Penny brought this challenge to my attention I just had to give it a shot.

I don't love all the cards I have made, but I think I may have let some of the card fear go. So I guess it is all good!

Take a look at all ten of my creations...not too shabby for someone with a card phobia!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Almost 10

I did this LO for a blog challenge. If you want to play check out this site...

Sisterhood of Scrap

I love this picture of Rachel she is just curled up in the back of the van. When I see her in pictures like this I can almost see what she will look like as an adult. In moments like that I just want to give her a big squeeze & whisper, "you don't need to grow up so fast!"

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Live Earth: The Concert for a Climate in Crisis

On 07/07/07 David, Caleb, Connor, Kailey, Rachel, & I all piled in the van & headed over to Giants Stadium to be a part of the Live Earth Concert. It was an amazing day full of incredible music. I was surprised by all that I learned about how we could do even more as a family to decrease our negative impact on the planet.

If you are interested in what is is all about, please go check out this website:

You can see what your carbon footprint & you can pledge to answer the call & make a commitment & sign the Live Earth Pledge.

Here was the line up of bands that we got to see:
Alicia Keyes
Bon Jovi
Dave Matthews Band
Fall Out Boy
John Mayer
Kanye West
Keith Urban
Kelly Clarkson
KT Tunstall
Melissa Etheridge
Roger Waters
Smashing Pumkins
Taking Back Sunday
The Police

It was so incredible to see all of those musicians in one day.

I did not take pictures in the concert. The pictures are from our tailgate picnic in the parking lot before the show.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Celebrating the Fourth!

We spent another year celebrating at the Fazen's annual 4th of July Party. It rained off & on, but that didn't seem to take away from the festivities. This year we brought our friend Gabi & her two girls. It was super fun. There was plenty of good food, friendly people, a neighborhood parade & plenty things to keep the kids interested.

We always have such a great time & it is always hard for the kids when it is time to go home.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Piece of My Personality...

I was kind of tired of the old look of my blog. It was just one of the blogger templates without any of my personality added.

So today I played around & made my own header & customized one of the templates to compliment what I created.

I am pleased with the results. I feel it now has a piece of my personality added.

Hope you all like the new look!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Got Ink?

I did this LO of Rachel's airbrush tattoo she got in May. She thought it was the coolest thing. It lasted about a week.

I did this LO for a blog challenge. If you want to play check out this site...
Sisterhood of Scrap

They have some cool challenges...really fun stuff.

Monday, July 02, 2007

A New Look...A New Me

I have been having some fun lately searching the internet for scrapbook challenges. I found a bunch this week.

Here is a layout I did as an answer to one of these challenges. I had such a great time with it. This layout is for my "Book of Me." This scrapbook is my art journal where I put pages that are just for me. I use it as my journal. I have always tried to do traditional journaling never could get into the routine of it. This type of journal really works for me. I am drawn to working on it & it is a joy instead of a chore.

Thanks for looking!!