Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gardening Help

I have been working on getting the front gardens in shape. I have a master gardener who comes about once a week to do some weeding & help me to learn what things are & teach me how to keep it looking good. Well after we got the one front bed cleared out I needed to purchase a few more plants. Caleb & Rachel came along to the garden center & we got a few items. We had a great time looking through all they had to offer & choosing what plants we thought would work well.

When we got back I pulled out the shovel & my gloves & got ready to get to work. Just as a started to dig Rachel came up & said, "Can I help?" I was thrilled that she was interested & was really happy to have some company if nothing else. It was about 90 degrees out & humid so not exactly the best weather to be doing that kind of work.

She was so into it that I actually didn't have to do much of anything except supervise. You have to love that. She was so thrilled with being able to do it. Since they were planted she has been going out to check on them & water them as needed. I love that she has some pride & ownership of her work in the yard. It is really starting to look great!


OneScrappyChick said...

hey, when ya'll are done, want to come help me work on my gardens?

Going For Greatness said...

So fun! She's doing a fantastic job! I know what you mean. It gives me a sense of pride to see my girls taking responsibility and feeling proud of things they do.
The garden will reward her with beauty as she learns a valuable life's lesson "Hard work DOES pay off!"