Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Almost 10

I did this LO for a blog challenge. If you want to play check out this site...

Sisterhood of Scrap

I love this picture of Rachel she is just curled up in the back of the van. When I see her in pictures like this I can almost see what she will look like as an adult. In moments like that I just want to give her a big squeeze & whisper, "you don't need to grow up so fast!"


Going For Greatness said...

My third attempt here to post a comment. I think this blog post isn't wanting any comments cuz it doesn't save when I press "Publish"

Ray loooks SO mature here. It amazes me that she'll be 10 in just a few weeks......... where does the time go??
What a great shot of her. You framed this very well with the colours you chose. I love the stickles at the top... bling baby!! Gorgeous!

Penny said...

gorgeous layout! incredible pict!!!

Michelle said...

That layout is awesomely gorgeous!! As is Rachel..... what a fantastic picture too.... takes my breath away!

Deanne said...

A beautiful layout!!!