Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Midnight Madness

I have been on a mission to find a book that would hook my 11 year old daughter who is dyslexic enough to have her want to read for pleasure. When someone has a learning difference it can sometimes be difficult to get them to develop a love for reading. So when I heard about the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer I thought I should give it a try.

I went out and bought the first book, Twilight. I decided that since it was a teen book I should read it first to be sure it was appropriate. Well, once I started I couldn't stop reading until I finished the book in under three days. It was just such a fun read. I handed it over to Rachel and it was the most amazing thing little girl who has always struggled with reading got sucked in to the story and was reading every chance she got. This is no little book. It is about 500 pages. She was so thrilled to tell me what part she was on and report how many pages she had read. What a transformation!

I knew the movie was coming out soon and this gave me an idea. I would offer to take both girls to the midnight showing on the release day as a reward for finishing the book. Rachel finished in plenty of time and handed the book off to Kailey who was able to finish it just hours before the movie was released.

Last night, or technically first thing this morning we headed over to the theater. Kailey, Rachel, and I were surprised by how many people were there. We arrived at 11:15PM and we had to search for a place for us all to sit together. More than half of the people there were wearing Twilight t-shirts.

Everyone in the theater was excited and it reminded me a bit of going to see Rocky Horror Picture Show as a kid...minus the water guns and toast. People were rowdy, laughing, clapping, and generally having a good time.
The movie was a bit of a disappointment as is often the case when seeing a movie made of a book you love. The characters rarely live up to what your imagination has created.
What was so fun and fabulous about the whole experience was hearing my girls discussing the book as compared to the movie. Hearing their obvious enjoyment of reading. I loved that they thought it was so special and cool to be out late at night with their mom. I hope they remember this for a long time...I know I will.


Michon said...

That is so awesome Laura! My middle dd (11yr) just made the commitment to me this morning that if i would take her with my oldest tonight she would read it to. She has been obstanant about reading it up till now. She saw the trailer this morning and now is suddenly all excited. I can't wait to go with my girls I hope we have as much fun as u did with yours. ;)

Nura Keif said...

Wow what a great experience!! I would love to catch the movie:-D

rebekah said...

That is so good!! What a fun thing for you guys to do together!

Going For Greatness said...

Omg! I am SO glad you guys got to do that together! You're such a fun mom! I can hardly wait until my girls are old enough to stay up late and enjoy such things!
I'm sorry the movie was a bit of a disappointment!

Now you've got me curious and I'm going to have to buy the book! ;)