Monday, October 02, 2006

A Lazy Day

Today was a day of doing nothing, something I rarely let myself do & especially not guilt free.

The kids were home from school today, so we stayed in comfy clothes & watched LOST all day on DVD. We only stopped for breaks to play with dog, talk to a landscaper, & eat meals. It was totally decadent & I loved it.

Normally when I do something like that, I feel guilty, thinking about all the things I "should" have done. Today I just really enjoyed not doing anything.

So much of my life is spent rushing form one thing to another. One of the hazards of having a household with four kids. Today really served to recharge my batteries.

I am now ready for the busy week ahead!!


megandenton28924808 said...
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Going For Greatness said...

Wow that sounds like you had a great time!! You needed a day to just 'hang out' you deserve it!!!!
(Hey... by the way you can delete that post above mine by logging in and editing posts. It's a spambot. You can STOP this. I will help you tomorrow on my laptop!)