Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Peter Pan~Starring Caleb & Rachel

Rachel as Tiger Lily with her teacher Ms. Herman

Caleb as Captain Hook

Caleb & Rachel just had their school play last Thursday night. The Lewis School put on a production of Peter Pan. Rachel played Tiger Lily & Caleb was Captain Hook.

My mother-in-law made Rachel's costume & provided the hat, wig, & hook for Caleb. She also porvided the luscious fabric that we used to make the fabulous jacket. I volunteered to be a costume mom. I surpirsed myself by sewing together the ruffled shirt for the Hook costume.

The play went as most school plays go. It had lots of little funny mistakes, the kids forgot lines, sets fell over, & everyone laughed. All that being said, it was absoultely one of the best plays I have ever seen!!!

Rachel was fabulous as Tiger Lily & knew all of her lines & made not one mistake. I always knew she was cut out for the stage. She has always been a ham.

Caleb really surprised me though. He was reluctant to play Captain Hook. He even said he thought he might throw up form nerves the night of the play. So I was unsure as to what to expect from him. What happened just blew me away. He was fabulous!! He knew all his lines & delivered them with personality. You would never know he was nerous at all.

I asked them both if they wuld want to be in the play next year...the both said yes right away. I am so excited to see waht they will be next year!!


Michelle said...

Awwww.... aren't they about the cutest!!! How proud you must be!

Lynne said...

I so wish I could have seen them! Yeah, Caleb and Rachel, way to go.