Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm Back!!

Well I am back from California. I flew in early this morning & let me tell you it was an interesting adventure flying through Vegas following the Giants winning their playoff game. A whole group of rowdy, liquored up Giants fans got on the flight & it was amusing. Although I must admit I am a huge Giants fan & was a little caught up in the excitement. Luckily there were no drunken incidents & the happy fans pretty much passed out.

I am happy to be home, although I am exhausted. Rachel has a few favorite names picked for her sock creature & we will post her final choice soon. So if you have an idea...get it in soon.

Thanks & I hope to write more later.


Morgan said...

So glad you're home, hope you enjoyed your trip!

Michon said...

There's no place like home! ;)
Glad you stayed safe a mid all the chaos!

lauren said...

welcome home, world traveler! hope it was a good and inspiring seminar!!! :)

lauren said...

OOF! i forgot to say...have you & rachel seen THIS sock monkee?? she is almost as cute as the NAMELESS ONE!!! (you have to scroll down a bit in the post to get to it.)


Nicole said...

Glad you had a nice trip. Welcome home!

bruinbr said...

glad you had a great trip! Can't wait to hear what the sock creature's name is! :)

Going For Greatness said...

Omg lmao... with my luck I'd get a drunk next to me who passes out and pukes on me! LMAO!!
Glad you're back! Missed ya mucho!
The seminar sounds like it was AWESOME! Can't wait to hear more about it!!