Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Prayer Request

My friend Niki who has been on the Creative Team at Scrapdragons with us since the very beginning was just given some very scary & distressing news.

On Tuesday April 30th her daughter Ellie was diagnosed with a diffusely infiltrative brain stem glioma. Ellie spent three days in the hospital with mom and dad while meeting with several specialist in preparation for the radiation that is to start on Monday May 5th. A website has been created by Pat and Niki so that you may follow them as they embark on this horrendous and difficult journey.

Please keep them in your thoughts & prayers and pray for Ellie that God heals her.

Niki is an amazing & talented woman & I hope that all of you that visit my blog will join me in supporting her & her family through this difficult time.


Lisa said...

wow - I will keep your friend and her family in my prayers. I know the news is overwhelming - my son was diagnosed in 2005 with a brain tumor. He went through radiation and chemo. He's cancer free now and we thank God each day for that. If you want to give her my son's caringbridge page - you can - if I can offer any advice or help, I will. ( - I'll go visit their page too!!

Jen said...

I have said a prayer and will continue to keep your friend and family in my thoughts and prayers.

Loreluca said...

oh, Laura, that is just terrible! i cannot even fathom the concept of a sick child. We'll be saying prayers for the whole family.

Going For Greatness said...

Right now they need prayers, well wishes and all the positive thoughts and energy we can muster up and send their way.
Amen to your post, Laura.

jadadog said...

wow, I am so sorry to hear, but will say some prayers...hope you are doing well!!!