Friday, May 30, 2008

Lewis School Awards

Today we had the award ceremony for Caleb & Rachel. The Lewis School has an award ceremony at the end of the school year where they acknowledge each student for all of their accomplishments during the school year.

The students really feel special & it is such a lovely way to let the kids see how well they have done.

Caleb & Rachel have Dyslexia and The Lewis School specializes in educating children with learning differences. It is a miracle what they have accomplished since they started there. I am so grateful.

Rachel & her good friend Jocelyn

Caleb receiving his award from his teacher Mrs. McCullough

Caleb checking out his certificate

Rachel getting her award from her teacher Mrs. Werther

Rachel & her good friend Will. It is so cute seeing them all dressed up.


Going For Greatness said...

Ray Ray and Caleb, I am SO proud of you! You're crashing through milestones and moving forward at such a quick pace! You both inspire me to push through the hard stuff and reach for the gold!!
Lots of love to you guys and the best of luck for next year!! XO XO XO! Love
ps - Ray...seriously, Will is a SUCH a cutie! You 2 make a great couple ;)!!!!

Nicole said...

Congrats on the awards!

Jen said...

Congratulations! Hard work DOES pay off.

toners said...

Fabulous photos! Congrats!

Loreluca said...

Congratulations to both your kiddos! They look very cute and very accomplished! and you are right, your Rachel and her friend do look ever sooo good in their Sunday best!!

Anonymous said...

Look at those great photos of your kiddos Laura ! That is so great that their school has helped them so much ! I know how hard it is when kids have disabilities .
Cant wait to see you on Sunday, we will have a good time :)
See ya then !

The Cool Chicks said...

Yeah for the kiddos! What a blessing that school is for all of you. They look so cute all dressed up!

Way to go Caleb and Rachel!!
xo Amy

Nancyroo said...

congrats to them!