Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bad Habits....Who me?....No way!!

This was a topic posted as a blog challlenge by my dear friend Gabi. I had to laugh out loud when I heard it. My response was...bad habits...who me??... come on... I am perfect.... no bad habits here. Of course I was totally kidding. I am sure if you asked my husband he could list at least 10 annoying habits I possess right now without even thinking to hard & he absolutely adores me.

So the question is which of my bad habits am I willing to take out of my closet & let see the light of day?

I have a few bad habits...things I would love to are a few that come to mind...

1. Not cleaning up after myself when I scrap. My scrap room is always a complete & utter disaster.
2. Not putting my laundry away. I have stacks of folded clean laundry on my window seat at all times.
3. Eating way too fast. It started when my kids were little & I needed to eat fast so I could take care of them & now I have a hard time just relaxing & eating slowly.
4. Buying more scrap supplies when I don't really need them. I really should try to organize what I already have & not keep buying more unless it is something really cool, new, or different.
5. Putting important things in a "safe" place & never remembering where that "safe" place is.
6. Eating too much & not exercising enough.

All of these things I have tried to stop doing from time to time. I have often tried to change my ways. Sometimes I have even been successful for a short period of time. Eventually though, those old habits come sneaking back. It is funny how habits have some comforting factor. They are often behaviors that were developed to fill a need & even when they are no longer needed anymore it is hard to let them go.


Going For Greatness said...

You are perfect!! It's true. I know this for a fact, I see you almost every day! ;)
I agree with you about the fact that even when that void that the bad habit may have filled is gone, it's hard to break it, regardless.
Great take on the prompt!!

Going For Greatness said...

TAG! You're IT!
See my blog for details!!