Sunday, April 08, 2007

Decorating Eggs!

The girls & I decorated Easter eggs today. We had three different kits & just went to town.

I am glad they still want to do this with me. I love to decorate eggs & it is so much more fun when they join in.
It was funny I said to Rachel, "Hey go ask the boys if they want to help." & she said. "Oh but Kailey & I want to do it...I don't think the boys are really interested." I told her that she should ask them anyway. So she goes into the room where the boys were & wih a tone as if she was asking them about taking out the garbage she says, "You boys don't really want to have to decorate eggs do you?" Of course they said no...pretty smart girl. Although at 11 years old I don't think the eggs were more interesting than the Discovery Channel dinosaur show they were watching.
The girls had so much fun & I got some great photos. I can't wait to scrap them.

I have to admit, even when they aren't interested anymore, I will probably decorate a few eggs!


Going For Greatness said...

Oh no worries... I have ALWAYS wanted to decorate Easter Eggs... I think it's something that you just never outgrow ( as a girl anyway!!)
Your pictures are sooo fun! You'll have a blast scrapping them!!!

Michelle said...

Awwww.... the eggs are so pretty too! I love decorating eggs too.... I'm kinda sad that we didn't do it this year