Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I have so much going on....so much to say... & I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. So, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Now that I have that out of the way I think I am feeling a bit better. So if this post is a bit here, there, & everywhere... I apologize, but I am just going with the flow today.

I can hardly believe that in just two days I will be on a plane to Paris, France. It came up so fast. I have so much to do & it is right before Christmas. Am I crazy?!?! Forget it don't answer that!

Well, Saturday David left for a business trip. He is gone until tomorrow & we leave for Paris on Thursday. So like that doesn't make things a little more difficult. Since we are not bringing the kids the logistics of their care while we are away is a bit crazy, but I am hoping it all goes smoothly.

Sunday we had a mini snow fall. A little over an inch. The girls decided to make the most of it & played outside for hours. Rachel even made a little snow man.

Yesterday, I went out & did some more Christmas shopping & I did manage to get a lot accomplished. So there is not too much left to do when I get back.

The photo Christmas cards I ordered came yesterday. So I can start addressing them. I am totally disappointed in how they turned out. They are really pretty ugly...not at all what they looked like on my computer monitor. So if you are on my Christmas card list....the kids really look much better in person...lol.

When the kids got home from school, Rachel helped me get dinner started. We made homemade chili with fresh baked corn bread. It was yummy. While that was cooking we got started on Christmas decorations. I am so glad to have that started. Something about even just pulling out the boxes & looking through the treasures really starts getting me in the holiday mood.

This morning when I got all the kids up for school, Caleb had a bad sore throat & Rachel had a stomach ache. So now Caleb is staying home & Rachel drank some tea & decided to rough it out. Connor & Kailey seemed OK & went off to school without complaints.

So now here I sit at my computer with a cup of coffee. I put some flavored Coffee Mate in it...I needed a treat this morning...boy is it good. Come on over I'll make you a cup.

So for the rest of the day I plan to get some cleaning done, get some things of my "to-do" list, get some pictures of my special ornaments, & pamper Caleb. I think he more wanted some Mama time than he is actually sick, but with four kids that happens from time to time. So I am going to roll with it.

I think for the next few days that is going to be my mantra, "just roll with it baby!!"

Oh...and I did put some Christmas music on here for a little bit of fun!


Jana Eubank said...

Love the snowy poses! :) I didn't realize you're going to Paris! How FUN!!!!

Morgan said...

Wow, have SO much fun in Paris, lucky you!! DH and I love the Muppets 12 days song... we laughed all the way through it!

Nancyroo said...

Love your picures and have a safe trip!

lauren said...

i think you'd be crazy *NOT* to go on a kidless trip to paris...whenever it might be! everything else will get done (if vital) or not (if expendable) and either way you will be sooooo glad you went!!!

as they say in france, "HAVE A BLAST, mon amie!!!!" :)

Cheryl Wray said...

I LOVE the pictures!!! I am SO JEALOUS of your snow!!!

And I am also jealous of your trip to Paris!!! ;-) HAvea GREAT time!!!!! Can't wait to get your updates here about it when you get back!

Rachael said...

What beautiful pictures!!!

Wow, Paris!!! What a lucky girl!!! Have a fab time!! I'll be checking for pics then!!

Nicole said...

Love the snow pics! I can't wait to hear all about Paris when you get back!

Going For Greatness said...

Fabulous pictures!!!
so.. I'm waiting...... I JUST GOTTA know how PARIS was!!
Fill us in!!