Saturday, December 01, 2007

Are You Guilty?

If you think you may be then you should go check this out...

Scrapdragons Challenge #8

This one is going to be fun...I promise!!

Also, The winner for challenge #7 has been posted. So be sure to go check that out as well.

You will have all month for the current challenge. We figured we all had enough to do this holiday season so we are giving you a bit more time with this one.

So go have some fun today!!

Here is my guilty pleasure...try not to laugh too hard...

The journaling reads..."My guilty pleasure these days comes with just a $2.99 price tag from Wal-Mart. Something about having things like "fierce" scrawled across my butt just makes me feel a bit naughty."


Morgan said...

Great new banner!! I love your guilty pleasure, you crack me up!!

NikJustNik said...

Laughed my arse of.. Love the layout... Miss you!!

Michon said...

Love the new banner!
ROFLMBO about that layout! Too funny! Your kids will appreciate that some day when you are in the retirment home! LOL

Jana Eubank said...

LOL! Love it, Laura! You crack me up! Love your new header!!! Cute picture of you!