Monday, December 17, 2007

A glimpse of my life...

I got this from another blogger Denise...who got this from another blogger!

i am: a creative & outgoing person
i want: my kids to be happy people
i have: a wonderful husband, 4 fabulous children, and 1 great dog
i wish: my kids came with an instruction manual
i hate: that my husband's grandmother is sick & dying. I just love her.
i miss: summers at the beach
i hear: my friend Gabi talking to me while I type
i wonder: if I will ever really feel like a grown up
i regret: not taking more chances
i am not: selfish & hateful
i sing: loud and often, but not well
i cry: for my kids suffering with learning differences
i am not always: patent with my kids
i make with my hands: scrapbooks, art, & cooking.
i journal: about me, my family & my friends
i confuse: the names of my kids when I am frantic
i need: nothing life is pretty full
i should: be cleaning & doing laundry...but hey this is certainly more entertaining.
i start: my day waking up my kids with kisses
i finish: the day snuggling with my hubby after the kids are in bed...sometimes with a glass of wine.

please post a message if you decide to do I can go check it out!


lauren said...

oooooh this is a cool one! i might do it...(AFTER xmas!)

had to laugh at the "wonder if i will ever feel like a REAL GROWNUP" one...that is sooooo me...(i find it interesting that someone WITH children says that...i sorta thought mebbe it was me not having any...howboutthat!)

SO SORRY to hear about dh's granny. that's *rough* especially at this time of year. i'm thinkin' of ya! xolb

Pauline said...

This was really neat i did it!