Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I made the top ten!

I am participating in an American Idol themed scrap challenge on Scrap-tastic.
Each round has a challenge that we need to make a layout for For round 7 here was the challenge...

Rock Star Style
This week's challenge is a product-based challenge.

Select THREE of the following products to include on your lay-out:
black cardstock background
bling (such as gems, glitter, or Stickles)
metal (heavier metal than staples, please)
vinyl or leather
anything animal print
sheet music

(NOTE: A product that fits two categories only counts once. For example, a leopard print transparency can be counted only once as either a transparency or anything animal print.)

The lay-out can be any theme and any size. We are looking for you to prominently feature each of the three items you chose in your design.

Here was my layout...

I used vinyl letters, a fancy pants transparency, & lots of stickles for bling.

This has been totally fun...the layouts everyone has been making have been fabulous.
I am so psyched to be moving on to round number 8. I am in the top ten baby!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome Laura ! Your scrap style is awesome so im not surprised ! I love it, hope you win !
seeeeeeee you Sunday :)
Thanks for the award too, you are so sweet !

toners said...

Soooo cool!! Good luck! :)

ellen said...

oh that is a COOL lo! congrats on the top 10!

lauren said...

TOP TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but then...
it is
to understand
when one considers
the total & complete
of the rock star LO
you go, girl!!!

(ps: my word verification starts with "NJ"...surely a sign...of the imminent world domination...of JERZEE GRRRRRLS!!!) :)