Monday, April 28, 2008

Feeling Special...

This was a busy busy weekend. It was very fun & felt like it was all about me. Such a pleasant change since so much of my life seems to revolve around everyone else. Something that I am sure most mothers can relate to.

It started on Friday with the mad rush to finish cleaning up the house for the arrival of my mother & her husband. All the kids were heading off to spend the weekend with their other parents. After the house was clean & the kids were safely on their way, I headed over the the Bound Brook Elks club to drop off some last minute items & see how things were progressing for the Casino Ball.

After that I headed over to my local scrapbook store for a special sale & some make 'n takes. I bought some really fun stuff & started a project that I need to finish up. Hopefully later today. I won't post it for awhile is a gift for my mom.

When I got home that evening my husband David had made me dinner & had a glass of wine poured. Talk about feeling pampered.

Late that night my Mom & her husband arrived. We only talked for a bit before I was just too tired to stay up another minute.

Saturday was the "Mom & Me" day...we got manicures & our hair done...& had a yummy sushi lunch just the two of us.
That night was the Casino I am from a picture on my cell phone. We didn't have our camera & I am still waiting on some shots from my Aunt Beverly's camera.


Here is a picture of the plaque they presented me along side the flowers from my husband. He introduced me with a speech that brought me to tears. It was such a gift to have him support me & love me like that.

Overall it was a fun night.

On Sunday I brought my mom out to breakfast at the local diner before they headed back to Maryland.

Then I went off to meet my scrapping friend Jenn at another scrapbook store for more shopping & lunch. It was so great to get to know her better.

And believe it or not...when I got home I got cleaned up & headed out for a two hour board meeting for our swim club.

So like I said busy busy weekend...but it did make me feel special.

Today I am just finishing up odds & ends...a little scrapping, a little cleaning, catching up on blogs, & general things like that.

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


Ronda S. said...

Thanks for the comment! Congrats on your award! That's so neat! Love your pic, btw!

Nicole said...

Congrats on your award Laura!

bruinbr said...

congrats! Love that photo too - you're GORGEOUS! :)

toners said...

Congratulations! What a great thing to be recognized like that :) And you look beautiful!

wendipooh13 said...

Congrats on your award!!! and what a fun mom and daughter day you two had!!! BTW your photo of you is great.. thanks for visiting my blog too

Croppycatter said...

Congrats Laura!!! Those flowers are gorgeous!!

Scrapdragons said...

Such an awesome event and I had to miss it :(
I was thinking of you all day and hope that it was as magical as it was supposed to be!!
Your photos are great and I hope you will scrap them!!
Again Congrats and huge hugs!!