Monday, April 07, 2008

Oh what a busy day...

I usually like lazy Sundays. The kind of day that you can get all those little projects done, maybe stay in your jammies, or lay around & watch movies. If it is a nice day I might even go outside & do some yard work. I kind of like to be home on Sunday & puttering around. Yesterday was not one of those days, but it was so much fun!

First, I couldn't really sleep. It was one of those nights where you toss & turn all night. So finally at around 7:30am I gave up & came downstairs. I had a sketch drawn & a picture printed for a layout I wanted to complete. I headed down to my scrap room & spent an hour working on it. It was a challenge for an American Idol themed scrap contest I am in. The requirements were to use a medium or large circle, to scrap at least 8 diva demands, & it was to be a two page layout. The contest is being held over at Scrap-tastic. Here is my take on the challenge:

I am really having fun with these challenges, they are not what I would usually scrap & I like that.

At noon we headed out to see My sister-in-law Jennifer in the play "Working" out near Philadelphia. She is so amazingly talented & it is always fun to see her in action.

I had to play with the camera to get good shots without my flash.

Jennifer during her big scene

Jennifer with the cast

After the play we went out with Jennifer & her friends for a nice dinner. We didn't get home until almost 10PM. So it was a long day, but loads of fun.

On a side note...last month Rachel had a school project to make a report comparing & contrasting Martin Luther King Jr. & Gandhi. She did a fabulous job on her report. Here are some pictures of her art project she made to go along with it. I am proud to say she got an "A"!

her "I had a dream..." Diorama

Rachel with her paper mache Gandhi head
Oh & don't forget to head over to scrapdragon!!


Nicole said...

Love the LO Laura!!

Michelle Lanning said...

LOVe the 2 pager and those little assignments are awesome!! yay for her!

~ Jayme ~ said...

Oh you got some really good pics of the play. I have a heck of a time when I take pics at the kids school. Their gym is not camera friendly. :( I fiddle a bit and finally start to get decent pics.
I really love your lo for the challenge! You did an awesome job. :)

The Cool Chicks said...

those projects are so fun! I used to love those types of projects when I was in school too.

And, may I add, you did a great job without the flash!


Going For Greatness said...

You are rockin' the layouts, girl!!!
great pics of the play! You know I covet your camera! LOL
Your new layouts ( on the dining room table that I saw this morning ) are rockin' too! I can't wait to see them uploaded ( hint hint hint! LOL!!)
Had a blast with you this morning. See ya in the AM...

ellen said...

hi! i found your blog over at SO! i am originally from allentown pa, love to go to philly and see my girls! so neat to "meet" people from PA.

i am really lovin' that lo! and the pics!

Jenny From The Block said...


Finally found my way back to the Blog. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Gandhi Head - he's fabulous! You and Rae did an amazing job on her project - he came-out great!

Jen (jennyfrmtheblog, Jen)