Thursday, September 13, 2007

Back 2 School!!

The end of last week & this week has been back to school time for all the kids. Adjusting to the new routine seems to exhaust me. So today I am finally taking a moment to post again. Since it is after midnight I was going to wait for tomorrow, but realized the kids will all be home from school then & it is much much quieter now.

Connor & Kailey started school this past Thursday. Connor is in 6th grade & has started at the middle school. He seems very excited & feels very mature. Kailey is in fourth grade and still at the elementary school. It is funny they are growing up & yet I still want to see them all dressed up & snap lots of photos.

Caleb & Rachel's school started on Tuesday. It is such a strange adjustment for me as I just joined a carpool. Even though it will be soooo much easier for me I find myself resisting the change. I mean seriously...I don't really want to be driving them back & forth & spending over three hours a day in the car, but I am feeling sad about all that great "talk" time we had together. The truth is the added time in my day will allow me to get more things done & I will have more time for myself & all the kids as a result.

Caleb is in 6th grade and was really excited to find out that his best buddy Will is in his class again this year. Rachel is in fifth grade & was put in a very advanced classroom. When she found out she was just so nervous & complained a bit, but I also saw that she was so proud of herself. It just fills my heart to see both Caleb & Rachel doing so well. Being Dyslexic has been such a challenge for them...The Lewis School has changed their lives.

I had such a hard time getting pictures of all of them this year. They are getting too old to want me taking pictures anymore. There was lots of eye rolling & complaining. Rachel even scolded me at one point for pulling out my camera as they were walking up to the school. It has started already...I am the embarrassing uncool mom....oh no!!

So now that the kids are in school all day...who wants to come over & play?!?!

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Going For Greatness said...

I really LOVE that picture of Kailey and Connor. It's really crisp and they didn't give you 'fake-ok-mom-enough-pictures" smiles!! Can't wait to see this one scrapped!
Ray-Ray and Caleb look cute cute cute! Great pic of them as well!! I'm super excited about the great pic of Kailey and Connor since they rarely cooperate for posed photos! Ray-Ray and Caleb are hams! LOL!!