Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Playing With Paint

For those of you who do not know I am a member of Rotary International. I have been a member of my local club, Bound Brook/Middlesex Rotary, for about 6 years now. We meet once a week & do all kinds of work for our local community & also help sponsor international projects as well. Well, on Sunday, October 6th there will be a community festival in Bound Brook & our club is going to have a table. we will be selling lollipops, providing fingerprint ID kits for children with the cooperation of the local police department, & I will be doing face painting. The funds raised will all be put to use by our club for service projects & help to add to our flood relief fund.

I have done this event in the past & I really enjoyed myself. I am only an amateur face painter, mainly doing it for my kids, so I decided I will spend a few nights practicing on my kids & their friends. I need to take pictures & make an idea booklet with suggested donations.

So tonight we had one of the girls' soccer friends over for dinner with her family after soccer practice & we pulled out the paints.

Here is some of what I did...

I was a bit rusty & the black paint was a bit runny, but overall I think I will get the hang of it before the festival. I need to adjust some of my brushes. I bought some new ones & I don't love how they work.

Hopefully I can work out all the kinks ove the next week.

It is always a long day, but what fun to see the kids faces when they see themselves int he mirror. It also feels good knowing that all the money I raise goes to a good cause.


Going For Greatness said...

These are awesome! I think you'll do very well with face painting for the fund raiser. Ellie wants you to paint hers! Mackie says, "NO WAY!" lol my girls are so funny!
It looks like you guys had a fun evening!!!

Megan said...

Laura these little faces look FANTASTIC!!!!

Well done - I bet the kids were all so thrilled with them!

Megan xx

Julie said...

Hi Laura,
doing some blog hopping and thought i would pop in and say "HI"!
The face paintings look great ... you are very clever.
Hope you fundraising event goes well.
Julie C :O)

Nancyroo said...

wow! you are good! so much talent.

croppin carla said...

So cute.....you are doing a great job! Have fun!

Cheryl Wray said...

That face painting is GREAT!!

Sounds like a fun, fun event! Hope it goes great!