Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Practice, Practice, & More Practice

Well we had another night of face painting here at our house.
I am feeling more confident with my painting again. I am getting the feel for the paints & the brushes. By the time the street fair comes I will be just fine.

Here is what we played with tonight...

I also ordered another set of paints & some new brushes that are due to arrive on October 1st. So I will have even more stuff to play with. I use professional face paint & boy what a difference it makes.

So far the kids are enjoying being my canvas to practice, but wouldn't it be funny if they were like, "Mom no more face painting...pleeeaaase!!"


Going For Greatness said...

You will be the booth that EVERYONE is going to hit! I predict that your face painting will raise the most money at the event. This is phenominal stuff, Laura. I am serious. This is beyond awesome! You don't even see face painting this good at most amusement parks!
Good luck at the fund raiser! I know you'll pull in a lot for the charity!!~

lauren said...

not to worry, if the kids let you down you can paint MY face as often as you like!!! ...and seeing as i have a much bigger head than those little gremlins...think of the additional scope for your creations! :)