Sunday, March 09, 2008

I have been on a roll...

Have you ever had one of those weeks that although you are busy you still seem to squeeze in lots of creative time?

I have had one of those weeks. I can't show you too much of what I have been up to since most of it is Design Team stuff for Crop Addict. Although let me tell you if you do not get this kit yet, you may want to sign up. You really get quite a lot for your money. I usually make 4-6 layouts, a few cards, a project, & still there is lots left over.

Yesterday we went to see 10,000 BC with the kids. We went out to the local pizza place and had an early dinner first. It was so much fun. The movie was really a goo time & the kids LOVED it. It is amazing to me that we now have to pay adult prices at the movies for Connor now that he is twelve. Time is just flying by.

When we got home Rachel baked some yummy cookies. Then David curled up with a few kids & I curled up with a few kids. A little later Rachel came upstairs with me right before bedtime & fell asleep on me while I was working on my laptop in bed. Well, I must have been tired...because when David came up to bed a few hours later, I was asleep too. My neck is a little stiff this morning from falling asleep sitting up with a laptop & Rachel on top of me even just for those few hours.

Oh & at 6am (well, actually I guess it was 7am...I forgot to change the clocks last night) I was awakened by my doorbell ringing & loud knocking. It was the groceries being delivered. I had scheduled them for between 7am-9am...what was I thinking. Plus with the clocks changing I was completely unprepared. Just picture me jumping out of bed, scrambling around for some pants to throw on, & going down to answer the door before he drove away. Thankfully the guy was pretty understanding & got a bit of a giggle out of it.

Well, enough of that, here is my latest layout I made for the Scrapdragon's Challenge. It is to use album art as inspiration for a layout.

I was inspired by this Album Cover:

Be sure to go check this challenge out. I hope to see lots of you enter this time around. There is a great prize. You have until March get going!

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Silvitanova said...

What a great chalange. i love how you've been inspired by the Deep purple cover, but made a sweet looking layout. Great!
Have a good week!