Thursday, March 20, 2008

Egg-citing Stuff Going On...

Last night Kailey had another concert at school. I couldn't make it because Caleb is still not feeling well & I had class last night. Do you think they could schedule one of these concerts so I could actually see my baby sing? Every single one this year we have a had some kind of conflict. I am really bummed.

Well at least her Daddy took lots of pictures. Kailey is the little blond angel right in the middle. Can't you almost just hear the lovely music coming from her.

Here is a shot of most of the fourth & fifth grade chorus...Kailey is in the middle row fourth from the left.

Today the girls & I decorated eggs. We had loads of fun. We are still all covered with dye & glitter. I can't wait to scrap some of these photos.

What we started with...18 hard boiled eggs!

The dye mixed with vinegar & water for the most vibrant colors.

Rachel used gold leaf on this egg...that stuff was pretty cool, but really sticky. I think this was our favorite technique this year.

The one I won't buy again was the camouflage egg didn't work well at all. The girls were a bit disappointed, but got over it quickly.

We had all kinds of fun with crayons on the eggs. This was a joint effort egg. We each added a little something & passed it until the whole egg was covered. It is the orange egg on the top left of the photo below. Pretty cool huh?!?!
This is all of our finished eggs. The girls did a fabu job again this year!! It almost seems a shame to eat them.

If you need a little creative boost....go check out Scrapdragon...the challenge is rockin' this month.


Melanie said...

Those eggs look awesome, might have to try this when my DD is older.

Beautiful pictures of your angel. Im sure her voice is from an angel too.

Michelle Lanning said...

ohhh pretty eggs -- we got glitter ones too -- have yet to do them -- soon!

Haley said...

Wow! Those are some fancy looking eggs! Ya'll did a great job!

Dolores said...

love the eggs, the kids look great singing.

Deanna said...

fun eggs! I can't wait til my girls get older and are able to do that kinda stuff!

Robyn said...

Your eggs turned out fabulous.
Too bad you missed out on the concert.

wendipooh13 said...

sooo fun to watch your kids sing, always makes proud of the kids. Love the dyed eggs, how fun and the photo with the dye cups is way cool

jadadog said...

what colorful, beautiful eggs! Happy Easter to you!!!

Jill Deiling said...

beautiful eggs!