Thursday, March 27, 2008

Twelve years ago... On this day...

my baby Caleb arrived!!

Happy Birthday dear one!!

I can hardly believe it. Could it really be twelve years already?!?! When he was five days old he started having seizures that would stop him from breathing. The doctors prepared me for the worst. They said he might not live & that if he did he would be permanently brain damaged from lack of oxygen. I am happy to say that he proved them all wrong. He is a very healthy twelve year old boy & has not had a seizure in almost 7 years now. I am not saying he has not had his share of trials, but nothing like what they thought. He is a brilliant sweet child & I am so proud of him.

Connor & Kailey headed off to their other parent's house for a long weekend so I only had Caleb & Rachel with me today. We decided to have an adventure to celebrate Caleb's birthday. We started with breakfast at that may not seem like an adventure, but they were serving green eggs & ham. Plus all good adventurers need to be well nourished.

After breakfast we headed down to south Jersey to the bug museum Insectropolis. It took us a little over an hour to get there, but boy was it cool. It is the smallest little place, but the staff is super nice & for a kid like Caleb it was heaven. Even Rachel seemed to have a good time.

yes you are seeing things correctly...Rachel is trying a salt & vinegar flavored grasshopper.
I think the worm Caleb is eating is barbecue flavored. The kids bought some to bring home so I am sure they will share if you are hungry.
Look at this thing....pretty cool huh?!?!

On the way home we had a little side trip to Rita's Italian ice...yum yum.

Now we are going to celebrate some more with steamed artichokes with lemon butter...another of Caleb's favorites. We plan to just snuggle and watch movies tonight. I am so glad he is not too old yet for that!


Nancyroo said...

those are creepy. happy birthday Caleb!

Loreluca said...

Happy {Belated} B-Day, Caleb! Laura, you are one BRAVE woman! I don't think I could even walk into that place, leave alone take pictures! AAARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!
Absolutely skin crawling!!!
Thanks for stopping at the blogeroo! New friends are ALWAYS welcomed! ;)

jakey said...

OMG....what are you lot... nuts??

You wouldn't get me within a hundred miles of that place!!!!

I'd be totally terrified.......
jk x

Darleen said...

they grow up so fast, don't they! Mine just turned 11 and I have one almost 16!!!! But I will tell you what, the bug place, EEWWWHHH!!! Just kidding, that place is really "creepy" fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I had fun checking out yours, I might stop by more often!!!

Going For Greatness said...

Omg ! Eating freeze dried critters! *EEEEK*
I am sooo glad you took them down there! When we were there it was just AWESOME and the girls loved every minute of it!
See ya Monday!