Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Stock up on the tissues & the vitamin c...

we have some yucky sick stuff here.

Poor Caleb has been miserable & sick since he got home from his dad's on Monday. Monday night he woke up around midnight and was coughing so hard he actually threw up. Well, I then spent the night trying to calm him down & get back to sleep. Around 6:30am I was able to get him to settle down. So I snuggled back in my bed for about an hour. When Caleb wasn't really feeling any better I brought him to the doctor to get checked out. It turns out he has strep throat. So he started on antibiotics yesterday. He seems to be feeling better, although he still has a fever & can't speak. He was eating a little bit again today though, which made me feel better.

Caleb & Connor are supposed to go on a little mini trip with Mema & Poppy tomorrow, but sadly I do not think Caleb will be well enough. I know he is really sick, because he seems happy to stay home with me.

Also, I am a little paranoid now, I am a bit tired & my throat is scratchy, so is it strep, or am I just tired from caring for a sick child.

I just hope we can keep it from running through all the kids this week. I would like to have them enjoy Easter.

Oh... and just in case you were afraid I forgot....Go check out...Scrapdragons!! I dare you.


Diana said...

Sorry to hear your son is sick. Been there. My family has just finally gotten over it thank goodness. Hope he gets well soon :D

Michelle Lanning said...

awe I hope you don't get sick!!

Morgan said...

Awe, I hate that he's so sick! I coughed a LOT too, same thing happened to me. Be sure you drink lots of orange juice, the vitamin C will help boost your immune system. Hang in there, I'm thinking about you!

Haley said...

So sorry to hear about your little boy! I hope you didn't get sick too!

It seems the crud is just going around lately, Jackson was sick with a cough and congestion for almost 2 weeks before it cleared up!

Hope everyone feels better soon!

Ronda said...

love your blog header!!


Melanie said...

Your poor little darling, I hope the meds are working and he is feeling better in no time.

Resy yourself up and hope its not Strep throat.