Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Calgon, Take Me Away!!!

OK so some of you may be too young to know that commercial, but hey it is how I am feeling right about now.

So for those of you who don't know let me explain & for those of you who do it may bring back some memories. So saying "Calgon, take me away" implies that you wish to be removed from an overwhelmingly stressful day. It's a reference to an old Calgon television ad campaign from the mid 80's. It would depict a stressed out house wife, kids screaming & making a mess, maybe a muddy dog running through the house, & at the same time dinner is ruined. What is a poor girl to do?!?! At the moment where one more nasty thing happens & she is on the verge of some kind of breakdown...she looks skyward & says/pleads..."Calgon, take me away"...and "poof" you now see her relaxing in a sweet smelling bath with Calgon products.

I just feel like today was one of those days I could use a Calgon moment. It is already after 11PM & I still have only completed about one quarter of what I had hoped to get done. It was one of those days where it seemed if anything could go wrong it did go wrong. Everything I was doing took twice as long as I expected. Also it was one of those days where every few minutes your brain went nutty realizing that there were about ten things that you had forgotten that needed to get done yesterday.

The truth is it is really just catch up from being sick last week. So much did not get done because I just wasn't up for it and of course my fabulous hubby David was on a business trip & wasn't really around to help out. I am behind on cleaning, birthday gifts I wanted to make, & numerous other things.

So my plan for tomorrow, so I don''t have another day in need of the Calgon genie, is to make a list & prioritize it. Sometimes that is all I need to do to get away form the drama of it all. It is funny how just writing about it, the stress is just leaving my body.

One high point for today was I won the September Monthly DT Challenge over at Crop Addict. It really made up for a lot of today when I read that earlier this evening. I have been having a blast over on their site. They have really cool kits, a friendly message board, & a rockin' gallery.

Well, if you made it this far down my post, thanks for listening to me ramble on.

Have a great night!

Oh & a little message for my mom.... la la la....Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Mom, Happy Birthday to you!!


Going For Greatness said...

Omg LMAO! you crack me up with your Calgon commercial! I remember that commercial and it always made me wonder WHAT THE HELL was IN that stuff!! VALIUM??!! "Mommy's little Helper?" HAHAHAH!!!!

HEY CONGRATS on winning the September Monthly DT Challenge!!! WOOOO HOOO!!! I LOVE CROP ADDICT! ;)

Happy Birthday, Laura's Mom!!! XO XO!!

croppin carla said...

WOW, sorry you had such a ruff day, I hate when that happens. But as you stated on the bright side....CONGRATS on the Dt challange thats great!

Tina said...

congrats on guest dt! awesome!

Croppycatter said...

I have those kinds of days a few times a week!! I hope you feel better!

Oh...and I remember those commercials too.

Morgan said...

I probably shouldn't remember those commercials (I was born in the early 80's) but I do, and I say it often!

If I had your addy I would send you some asap! They sell it at my grocery, every time I see it I giggle. Congrats on CA & hope you have a great weekend!

lauren said...

oh yes, indeed, i remember those calgon ads! :) ...and i can soooo relate to having one of THOSE kinds of days... i'm totally impressed by how quickly you were able to "talk yourself down"!

btw, there's no such thing as a "late" birthday card: there are ones that come ON THE DAY and ones that PROLONG THE CELEBRATION! (that's my story & i'm stickin' to it!)