Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat!

Well all four of my kids are dressed and off to trick or treat. Rachel & Caleb's dad came by to join us walking around with the kids. So I decided why not let David & Larry take the four of them out & I would stay home for trick or treaters. I am so excited to be able to stay here, cook dinner, sit on the computer, & check out all the costumes as the kids come by for candy.

I just love Halloween!

Here are some shots of the kids before they went out.

Caleb as predator & Connor as a skeleton

Rachel as Medusa & Kailey as a Princess

all four of my little monsters ready to go out for candy!

David brought his camera so hopefully he will get some more great shots of them as they spook around the neighborhood.

We have had about a dozen little kids so far. The costumes have been really great so far. We had one kid dressed as a skydiver with his open parachute dragging behind....really cute. We had a great pirate Jack Sparrow too. Can't wait to see what else comes by.

Hope you all have a great Halloween!


Morgan said...

Those costumes are AMAZING!! I hope Ari never wants to be scary, I think I might have nightmares! So glad you had a fun night!

Rock'nmama said...

I love halloween too. Ethan did so good. We were pirates :)

Nicole said...

Great Costumes!

Going For Greatness said...

Oo fun stuff, Laura!! The kids look great and your house is decorated, oh so fabu!!!!
Isn't it such a fun holiday? Next year we have to have a big-ass party here at my house!!!!
Great hangin' with you today!

Megan said...

Fantastic!!! Laura it looks like everyone was ready for a great night - I hope you all had fun!

Megan xx

croppin carla said...

Wow you guys really ROCK out the the kids costumes and these are all great pictures!

Jana Eubank said...

Great Halloween photos! You're a Halloween queen with those amazing decorations and the costumes you made! Wow! You amaze me, girl!

lauren said...

omg FAB costumes!!! the kids look fantastic...but hey!...where's the *face paint*??! :)

NikJustNik said...

WOW those costumes rock and your deocrations offically freaked me out!!!