Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Just one more day...

& it is Halloween!!

I am just so excited. It is one of my favorite holidays. I have more fun than my kids I think.

Today I was blog strolling when I wandered over to Cheryl Wray's blog. Definitely go check out her blog...there is some really fun stuff over there. She had such a cute comment & share for Halloween that i just had to post it here.

So...how about joining in some quick Halloween Fun for our comment-and-share-time today. If you are so inclined, answer these in my comments section or let us know that you're posting the answers on your own blog.

* Are you dressing up this Halloween? (I always at least put on a witches hat or something to take the kids out.)

* If you have kids, are they dressing up? (Yep...I will have Medusa, a princess, a scary skeleton, & predator...check back after tomorrow for those photos!)

* Do you have memories of a specific costume from your childhood? (My mom always made me such cool stuff when I was little. it was all pretty great. I remember in high school a group of us girls got dressed up as the seven dwarfs & we got this big football player to be Snow White... it was really funny!)

* If you could have any candy put in your Halloween basket, what would it be? (I always love the tootsie pops & clark bars...yum!!)

* Fill in the blank: "Trick or treat ___________________." (I really only know the silly smell my feet one...lol...but I would love to hear what others you all come up with!)

Hope you are having a great day & have fun getting ready for tomorrow!!


cropaddict.com said...

sweet little happy halloween thingy you created :)

Cheryl Wray said...

Okay, I can't wait to see the pictures of those costumes! They sound GREAT!! And the Seven Dwarves memory is GREAT too!! Love it!!

Glad you could use my idea today!