Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Carving out some good times!

Well we spent the night carving & decorating pumpkins. It was fun & the kids were really into it.
Kailey, Caleb, & Rachel used these plastic pieces that stick into the pumpkins to make some really funny faces.

Then Rachel & I carved out this one...

I think they all came out great.

I just need to vent a bit at the end of this post. If you look back a few posts you will see these great tombstones that Rachel made as decorations for the front yard. She put so much thought & work into them. Well yesterday some little boy walking through the neighborhood deliberately broke one of them into pieces. My daughter Kailey saw him doing it. His grandmother was walking with him and was unable to stop him soon enough. I just was so upset that someone would do something like that. I was able to fix it with a hot glue gun. Rachel took it well & says it just looks more authentic like a cracked piece of stone. I am still a bit upset. Kailey didn't know who he was or I may have been tempted to go talk to his parents. I just can't imagine letting my child get away with that kind of behavior. I feel she should have made him come over & at least apologize. Just my opinion.


Megan said...

These all look fantastic!!!

And yes, an apology would be expected if my children did something like that too...I would be very upset for your daughter as well, who had put so much effort into creating something for everyone to enjoy and then have it ruined so easily.

Happy Halloween!

Morgan said...

Umm, an apology would be the least they should do. If it were my son (not that it would be, hopefully he's going to have better manners) I would not only make him apologize but offer to fix it or replace it.

You must be SO incredibly proud of Rachel. She sounds like an awesome girl!

LOVE the pumpkins, they are too cute! Hope you have a great Halloween, can't wait to see pics of the kiddos costumes!

Nicole said...

Ok I would be mad too! But a little brat. I would have hoped for an apology too! Your Pumpkins turned out great!

croppin carla said...

Wow you guys did a great job with all of your pumpkins. I bought that are still sitting on my deck uncarved. My kids are a bit old for that carving stuff, I bought then so that I could clean them out and cook up the seeds. I love pumpkin seeds!

croppin carla said...

Oh and I forgot to comment on the kid that stepped on your yard thing. That is just rude, but you have to look at the world today, so many people get away with so many things and it just seems to get worse. Parents now a days just dont put forth the effort to disapline the way that they should and kids get away with so much more then they did when I was younger. I blaim alot of things on the parents.